GEARWORKS OSTRAVA | We produce more than just gearboxes!


GEARWORKS is a renowned manufacturer of atypical gearboxes. Our gearboxes are used in numerous areas of heavy industry and mining, and also in power engineering, transport and other fields of services in daily life.

We manufacture gearboxes both based on our very own design solutions and according to the documentation supplied by the customer.

Our design and construction departments tailor gearboxes to customers’ requirements.

Within this manufacturing programme we offer:


  • Spur / helical gearboxes
  • Bevel gearboxes
  • Planetary gearboxes
  • Globoid-worm gearboxes
  • Combined (bevel-helical gearboxes, worm-planetary gearboxes, …)


We manufacture gearboxes of various types, configurations and sizes. Some of our gearboxes weigh tens of kilograms, others tens of tons.




  • Coking plant equipment (support-structure drives, conveyor drives, drives for oven-door screw loosening,…)
  • Rolling mill equipment (rolling-train drives, roller adjusting drives, scissor drives,…)
    Equipment for blast furnaces, agglomerations and steelworks (drives for skip winches, conveyors, cranes,…)
    Equipment for mining and processing of mineral resources (all drives of large excavators - bucket-wheel, caterpillars, crushers and more, belt-cenveyor drives, vibration exciters for rock sorting, …)
    Offshore equipment (trawl winch drives, multi-speed gearboxes for towing vessels,…)
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