1. 5. 2021



In May 2021, a new CEO and a new financial manager joined the company.

Mr. Vít Paděra, MBA, the new CEO, and, at the same time, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GEARWORKS a.s., has worked all his life in the engineering sector. If you have any questions, you can contact him at vit.padera@gearworks.cz.

Mrs. Kamila Jemelíková took on a new position of Financial Manager on the same day as Mr. Paděra took over his position. Mrs. Jemelíková has also been working in the field of mechanical engineering for a long time and has many years of experience, which she can now use in our company. Contact for Mrs. Jemelíková: kamila.jemelikova@gearworks.cz

We wish a lot of success and strong nerves to all new members of the management.

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